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Welcome to Patersons Waste Management Ltd

Providing cost effective solutions for the collection, recycling and disposal of all types of waste material across Glasgow and West Central Scotland.

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"Safe, compliant waste management and recycling services at competitive rates with Patersons Waste Management."

"The team at Patersons Waste Management Ltd helped reduce my waste costs and comply with future legislation."                            


"Our waste streams are managed responsibly by Patersons with minimal carbon footprint for our company."                                                        


"Clear pricing and excellent service makes Patersons Waste Management Ltd the perfect supply chain partner for my business."

Our skip vehicles and containers are suitable for general, construction and demolition waste. Sturdy and reliable with payloads between 8 - 15tns, you can rest assured you'll be able dispose of all material safely and easily.

Whether you are looking to dispose of general or specialist waste, the Patersons of Greenoakhill landfill is a highly efficient and reliable site with both assessment and analysis facilities to allow for potential waste recovery.

Whether you need to enquire about weight or content for one of our skips or are unsure if we are able to dispose of a certain piece of material at our landfill site, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Patersons Waste Management Ltd today.

Patersons' modern material recycling and recovery facility ensures as much as possible of your material waste is recovered for future use. On average we recover between 80-90% (subject to load content) of waste picked up.